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Center of Statistics and Development

We ensure that those partaking in academic research receive principled and dependable consultancy. Therefore, we are ready to help you regardless of whether you’re undertaking research relating to funding, finalising your work, or midway through the process.


Grant Writing

Input early on in the process helps to guarantee that your work commences in an effective manner. You will develop a conviction that you are compiling relevant information in a suitable system and have a precise awareness of the form of analysis you are going to undertake from the beginning. This should diminish the danger of partiality or ambiguity affecting the findings.

Furthermore, we will be able to propose additional aspects that could impact your research, and methods of interpreting data that you may not have contemplated hitherto. In some instances, minimal alterations to the process used to acquire data can significantly influence the validity of the interpretations you are able to make.



In order to produce an successful proposal for a grant, you need to be able to provide a persuasive insight about the data that you plan you intend to collect and the significance of the implications this will have.

It is generally necessary to provide extensive information to funding organisations relating to how you plan to acquire, examine and infer your study’s data. Working together from the start of the process, we can assist you in constructing appropriate creations and interpretations for your tasks. The provision of logically ordered, well-expressed wording to incorporate into your funding request will enhance your attempts to validate the methods of data collection and analysis you are intending to use.

Project Design

In addition to the obvious significance of precision within the way the findings are presented, it is important to ensure that you are specific in outlining the particularly noteworthy elements of your results and the repercussion these have.

Conventional ways of formatting and providing data often lack innovation but there are a variety of original and creative ways you might wish to do this.

If you consult with CSD, we will be delighted to help you present your research in a lively, vibrant manner, ensuring this process is suitable for the relevant target audience, and reducing the risk that your findings might be misconstrued or taken out of context.



We present you with the assistance of an approachable specialist prior to the publication of your project. We will advise you on any elements of your process or findings that could be enhanced, and indicate possible aspects that might be disputed and how you could respond in these instances. A classified review of your work prior to its distribution will help to guarantee that the peer appraisal stage progresses smoothly and prevents your scholastic status from being diminished.

If any academics have previously attained input from their peers, we are able to offer statistical assistance and perform any further examination of the data that might be necessary. This helps to guarantee that all concerns are sufficiently addressed and thus the overall prospects of being published are enhanced.