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Our statistical programmes are intended for individuals desiring knowledge of research processes and the analysis of data. The guidance we offer enables individuals who lack expertise in the field of statistics to decipher research previously published and develop their own study.

Our introductory option does not require any understanding or experience of statistics in advance, though it is expected that participants will be aware of the essential elements for the other courses offered.

Guidance is distributed for all the sessions we offer, and instruction from the teacher is combined with workable case studies and tasks during the program so as to verify that the most important aspects have been comprehended. We aim to establish a relaxed course environment, where those attending feel encouraged to request clarification or pose questions.
When the course is successfully concluded, a certificate will be supplied to verify this.

Courses currently available at CSD are
  1. Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics.

  2. Introduction to R.

  3. Further Topics in SPSS.

  4. Further Topics in R.

  5. Introduction to Meta-analysis using STATA/R.

  6. Sample Size Estimation and Power Calculations STATA/R.

  7. Introduction to Regression Analysis using SPSS/R/STATA.

  8. Introduction to Logistic Regression using SPSS/R/STATA.

  9. Introduction to Survival/Time-to-Event Data Analysis using SPSS/R/STATA.

  10. Overview of Regressions with SPSS/R/STATA.

  11. Multilevel Data Analysis using SPPS/R/STATA.


  13. Assessing Measurement Reliability and Validity SPSS/R/STATA.

  14. Structural Equation Modeling AMOS/STATA




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